June 8, 2021

How Are Things Going, Happy Ocean Foods?

At the latest since the hype surrounding the documentary Seaspiracy, we know that we need an alternative to fish and seafood in the long term in order to protect the oceans. This is exactly where the startup  Happy Ocean Foods comes into play.

The Munich-based team wants to revolutionize the seafood market and protect the ocean with their plant-based alternatives to fish and seafood. On the occasion of World Ocean Day, we checked in with the alumni of our LMU Entrepreneurship Center Accelerator to see how it’s going.

Happy World Ocean Day! How are you working on keeping the ocean clean and healthy?

We develop plant-based fish and seafood based on algae and bean protein. Our first product is a plant-based shrimp with a look, taste, and texture similar to a real shrimp.

By offering a sustainable alternative to seafood, we want to save the oceans from overfishing. The more people switch to alternative products, the less fishing and aquaculture has to be done. By reducing the damage caused by dragging nets and aquaculturing, our products can save important ecosystems such as coral reefs or mangrove forests.

You graduated from the LMU Entrepreneurship Center Accelerator in 2020. How has your journey to protect the ocean developed since then?

Since we graduated from the Accelerator, we were able to attract several investors, improve our network, and to build a solid brand. Additionally, we worked on setting up a scalable production. At the moment we are about to close our first funding round and in the process of preparing our market entry in autumn this year.

With all the experience that you gained over the past months: What makes a good entrepreneur for you?

A good entrepreneur is someone who strongly believes in their mission and capability of executing it, while keeping a sharp focus on the most important tasks to get there. Someone who uses feedback and critics as an opportunity to grow and improve. Someone who sees and controls the bigger picture.

Thank you and all the best for your further journey!

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