January 24, 2021

Five Startups With an Innovative Approach to Education

Thanks to apps and digital devices, education is not limited to school or University grounds but can happen anywhere. Especially startups play an important role in questioning the status quo and offering new formats with innovative approaches. These five companies from the German Entrepreneurship universe round off education:


The startup Studysmarter offers an app for successful exam preparation at school. Students can access thousands of explanations, practice exercises with tips and solutions, and their individual study plan. According to the team of the Munich-based startup, 89 percent of the Studysmarter users improve their grades – an impressive track record.


MagicLingua is an innovative language learning app with the look of a fun social network. In contrast to language classes in school, MagicLingua works with fun explanation videos, practice speaking, and video conversations with native speakers. Silver Ilves and Gleb Teplitsky, the founders of the Munich-based startup, both immigrated to Germany without knowing a single word of German and developed the tool to give every language learner the confidence for speaking.


Paukr takes a different approach on improving education: the startup from Munich offers a digital teachers’ lounge. With their video community, Paukr provides teaching methods, inspiration, and exchange from teachers for teachers to improve their classes. Rated and commented questions and answers give teachers the opportunity to seek for support, tipps, and best practices.


We’re never too old to learn something new – especially when it comes in an innovative format: For all parents who want to learn about upbringing and education, the startup FamilyPunk from Munich provides knowledge on the go. Short audio classes equip moms and dads with parenting knowledge and educational techniques – a convenient learning method for stressed out parents.


Thanks to digital devices and wikis, being smart shifts from knowing the facts to knowing where to find the facts. The Berlin-based startup Amboss combines learning software and facts about medicine in one platform for medical students. Their comprehensive medicine-wiki has become the go-to source for medical practitioners to look up information.

Learning comes in a variety of formats, arousing our curiosity to try something new. Why not educate yourself on societal change? Check out one of the members of our German Entrepreneurship Family: The Social Entrepreneurship Academy with classes for social entrepreneurship and social innovation.

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